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Candice Sand: Recording Artist & Songwriter

Candice Sand is a seasoned and active singer, songwriter, and recording artist. She has spent the majority of her life immersed in music and has built her career from the ground up.  Originally from a small town in Saskatchewan, she moved to Toronto to make a life for herself doing what she does best & loves most: music.

​Her most recent single titled "I Get Up" was co-written with and produced by multi-platinum, award winning Sony ATV producer and songwriter Rob Wells (Arianna Grande, Selena Gomez, Nelly Furtado, Justin Bieber) and was released in Oct 2019.

Consistent with Candice's earlier work, she draws inspiration from the truth of her own experiences. “I Get Up” was written just before the #MeToo movement appeared. The single comes from Candice’s experience of being a woman in the music industry but also from simply being a woman in this world. She counts herself lucky that she has never been violated the way so many women have, but says she has definitely had the unfortunate experience of dealing with men in positions of power trying to test her boundaries and push her around. “I Get Up” is an expression of strength and solidarity amid a continually evolving issue.

Most recently, Candice released her singles “Just So You Know” (Sept 2018) and “Closed Doors” (Sept 2017), both also produced and co-written by Rob Wells (Sony ATV). Her single"Closed Doors" was also selected as the main score in the documentary series “Something’s Gotta Give”, aiming to raise awareness and promote recovery.

Candice was first introduced to audiences with the release of her debut EP “Against Concrete Walls” in 2014.  The EP helped her reach a number a career milestones including: a music video supported Much/MuchFact/BellMedia, three singles featured on radio stations across Canada, three tours totalling 29 concert dates which took her from coast to coast across Canada, and the opportunity to work with Juno award winning multi-platinum artists JRDN & Choclair.  The EP was also co-written and produced by the Grammy nominated team Kuya Productions INC (Alessia Cara, Little Mix, Christina Aguilera, JRD) .

Aside from her work in the studio, she has always had a great love for performance. Whether she is singing her own original work or popular covers audiences know and love, she is happiest inside of a song.

Candice now takes the stage for 100+ performances annually at a variety of events and venues throughout Canada and the US.  Among her most notable performances, she had the rare privilege of performing for Prime Minister Harper, the Mulroney family, & multi Grammy award winning producer David Foster. Stay tuned... so much more to come!


2013 Candice Sand: I Got This [Single]
* Candice Sand (Sound of Pop INC) & Kuya Production INC

2014 Candice Sand: Go On (feat JRDN) [Single]
* Candice Sand (Sound of Pop INC) & Kuya Production INC

2014 Candice Sand: Against Concrete Walls [EP - 6 Tracks]
* Candice Sand (Sound of Pop INC) & Kuya Production INC
- Go On (feat. JRDN)
- Heart of Mine
- What U Do 2 Me (feat. Choclair)
- Bring Me to Life
- Oh Darling (This is Love)
- I Got This

2015 Candice Sand: Bring Me to Life [Single]
* Candice Sand (Sound of Pop INC) & Kuya Production INC

2016 Candice Sand: What U Do 2 Me (feat. Choclair) [Single]
* Candice Sand (Sound of Pop INC) & Kuya Production INC

2017 Candice Sand: Closed Doors [Single]
* Candice Sand (Sound of Pop INC) & Rob Wells (Sony ATV)

2018 Candice Sand: Just so You Know [Single]
* Candice Sand (Sound of Pop INC) & Rob Wells (Sony ATV)

2019 Candice Sand: I Get Up [Single]

* Candice Sand (Sound of Pop INC) & Rob Wells (Sony ATV)

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